Butt I’m Just Asking

Is it fair to say that when a man asks to have have anal sex with a woman that he has homosexual tendencies? In addition to that very question should a woman be offended by the invitation to such sexual activity because it comes off as if the man is insinuating that her vaginal cavity is incapable of fulfilling his sexual desire?

Side note: As of lately I’ve caught up on the Transgender & Homosexual lingo and apparently the Tranny’s and bottoms refer to their rectal area as “Pussies” (pardon my lack for better word) and apparently because of this there are now two kinds of twats walking the face of the earth.  I mean to respectfully distinguish the female apart from the male why not just call it a “Mangina”?


Moving along…

So why would a man consider to pass off the daintiness and magical wonders of a “flower” to opt for a woman’s cess pool? Now let’s be very clear, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality. I actually accept and respect it coming from a person who is candidly open about it. However I am very frightened by people who choose to be actively involved in questionable behavior and when questioned about said questionable behaviors one does not have answers. I believe that communication is the seed to any successful relationship no matter what plateau the relationship is on.  However, if a man can communicate what he wants to do it is only right that he is able to communicate WHY?

I’m not here to pass judgement because to each his own however, I believe that any two adults commencing in consensual sexual activity should be able to not only willing share their likes and dislikes in the bedroom but also understand one another’s mindset.

Let’s talk about sex…can we? How is it right for a heterosexual man to request to penetrate a woman in the rear end, butt (pun intended) when a woman goes anywhere near his anus he is offended? Women, have you ever had a penis accidentally fall into the wrong hole? Did it hurt? And on a scale of 1-10 can you rate your pain? I’m sure it hurt and to add a number to the accidental injury I’d give it a 10.

Personally I believe the biggest issue in the world today is trust. I believe that if liberation is your thing then great and the freedom with someone trustworthy is even greater. When there is a mutual respect relationships have foundations, minds are opened and an understanding is met.  Now-a-days sex is just something to do and a fraction do not even get to experience the flood gates opening to the land of euphoria.  In my opinion the majority rate sex as a nation wide excercise.  Who can say they do it to be intimate and actually mean it?

Is a man’s desire to booty boink like a crackhead chasing their first high? I heard that for the life of a stoner, in the height of chronic addiction they are looking for the best stuff to get the feeling of what it was like to be high for the very first time. Are men just having so much sex that they began chasing the almighty vagina looking for euphoria they can longer find – and somewhere along the line they are now convinced to believe that it may be found in the alley backside?

I say that to say this…with all these damn questions, can I get answers?